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This will be my last blog post for BCM111. This subject is very interesting for me because I had never written a blog before. The first few blogs I’ve made were really messy and I don’t even really know what I should be writing. But after several attempts and research, I have to say that writing blog posts is a good way of an activity for me and my fellow classmates. I was been told by my lecturer that this is the first time BCM111 is doing blog posts, I thank her for this opportunity because this is a very such a good way to express and exercise my writing skills.

Apart from the blogging, I am also interested with the topics that we learn in class. All groups were assigning to present each topics and I see that everyone did a splendid job in doing their part (except one) and in our BCM111 class the students can speak out their mind and share their ideas and opinions to one another. Isn’t it interesting?

However, with all that said. I would like to apologize to everyone that I could not updated my blogs every week. I guess writing need inspiration and the motivation, and I didn’t have any of that for some time. But I am happy to say that I manage to finish all of my 9 blog posts in total for you guys to read.

I would love to write more, perhaps there will be more blog posts in the future. We shall see. But until then.



Voicing out for the voiceless: Al-Jazeera (ya shukron habibi)

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In our media industry today, news as we know can be bought with the source of power and money. The media system has a little crack of hole and those who have power took advantage of this. I remember back in the days, the media were a bit more subtle compared to how bias reporters and journalists are nowadays. The news focuses more on war journalism instead of peace journalism and it kept people debating whether peace journalism can be achieved or not.

But what is peace journalism and war journalism? According to Mcgoldrick and Lynch (n.d.), the definition of ‘Peace Journalism’ is that it uses conflict analysis and transformation to update the concept of balance, fairness and accuracy in reporting. Where else ‘War Journalism according to Galtung (2012), news is based on violence, propaganda, elite and victory oriented (Lynch, 1998, as cited in McGoldrick, 2006,p.2). As you can see, peace journalism relies more on the traditional fact based journalism where else as noted by el-Nawawy and Powers (2010), today’s media standards focuses more on drama, sensationalism and emotions which is more compatible with war instead of peace.

“It is not enough for journalists to see themselves as mere messengers without understanding the hidden agendas of the message and the myths that surround it.”- John Pilger, Hidden Agendas.

“I became a journalist because I did not want to rely on newspapers for information.” – Christopher Hitechens

This is some of the famous quote that I found on the internet regarding on journalism and I agree with it.

But despite all this unreliable source of media, there is one that strives to make better journalism. Have you ever heard of Al-Jazeera? I’m sure you do, Al-Jazeera is now one of the tops news channels in the media industry. Al-Jazeera is popularly known as the news that voicing out the voice of the voiceless. They’re taking account those who would like to say out their opinions regarding current issue and post it so that people will understand what is exactly that is going on.


In my opinion, it is inevitable to hide our-self from violence, wars and propagandas. But with the right sources and the right journalists I believe myth such as peace journalism can be achieved. The world is in need for a better place and people should be fed with truth and not the other way around, don’t you agree with me?

A video that I would like to share with you about Vanessa Bassil voicing out about ‘Peace Journalism’


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Protest Culture & Digital Dissent: It’s the bomb! (Like literally)

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“Hello sir what’s the password for your Wi-Fi access?”

“Do you have internet here?”

“I can’t leave without my phone and 3G line”

Have you ever heard or even say one of these lines above? If you have do not worry because I do too. The internet is such an amazing discovery isn’t it? How things change so quickly over the years and what with the technological industry is changing, our live has drastically improved to be a much simpler. Every information or news that we’re searching is being uploaded and shared instantly with massive users all around the globe.

I admit that I am a part of that world as well, I adore anything that has to do with gadgets, apps or any other technological wiz and when it comes to social medias, I will sign up to every third party apps as many as I could so that I can interact with my friends and family in an instant. The old media such as printing press, televisions and radios are a good way to sending out messages, no doubt about it. But, our generation nowadays prefer a simpler way to do it. Besides, I personally think that the internet and social media, the news is a bit more legit compared to the old media that loves to write biased articles.

But sadly some people misused this tool as a way to create more propaganda and hoax information. Spreading rumours and information till people misunderstood the current issue. You see internet is not the problem; it is actually the other way around apparently. The problem is us, the users who succumb to the propagandas and spreading it like wildfire and when the damage is done, it is too late to mend it, as they say “No turning back now!”

“There are always two sides to every story”

Ever heard of this? I’m sure you do.  In today’s news, we are sometimes being misled by certain TV news cast to think that the problems or issue is true. Remember 9/11? I’m sure everyone remembered since that event changes a lot of what happened today. But the press and news stated that this is the work of Al-Qaeda. Several names and pictures were shown to identify them; however several days later the shocking news were shown that some of the suspects that were involved with the hijacking incident are still alive and well. According to BBC News (2001), the men that were named by the FBI as a hijacker in the suicide attacks on Washington and New York has turned up alive and well.


“In the mainstream media, there is only one side communication whereby readers can only read and receive the news ideas and there are no way for people to give ideas and voice comments as the medias were all in controlled” – des’times (Nov 5th 2013)

Social media have played a major role to some of the issues that had happened within our country. The infamous GE13 was definitely one of them. The scenario was quite similar to the Arab Spring incident where the Bersih rally was being organized and being called to protest with the support of the use of the internet.


In my opinion, it is not a crime to voice out our needs on the internet. Instead of using aggressive action the government should be taking notes from the feedbacks that the received. The media should play their parts well too by not feeding the readers and viewers with false information.  The more lies, the more rallies.

Watch this:


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Global Crisis: Mother Nature Screams RAWR!

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Global Warming?

What do you think? Is it a myth or is it scientifically proven?

It is still debatable since everyone has its own opinion regarding of the issue. But what with the increase of the sea water level and the melting ice blocks in the North Pole, global warming might be no laughing matter. The other signs that we notice is probably the humidity where the air feels a bit stickier when it gets hot which comes to another sign that we notice is the air temperature is getting more and more uncomfortably hotter than the usual. This is very serious, since it can affect not just us humans but as well as animals as well.

Have you seen towns or island being eaten up by massive tidal wave till the whole area were flooded or even places that were so scorching hot till the whole area were dehydrated by the heat till it turn the land to drought?  To those who had never experience this kind of weather or natural cause of disaster you‘re lucky because believe me you wouldn’t last a minute in this kind of crisis. Many foreigners are taking refuge in other countries because of this problem. There are some that manage to slide in and stay but the unlucky ones are still there hoping and wishing that they could live in a better place.

But what did we do to make global warming possible? You see everything that we do nowadays is affecting Mother Nature. There are several examples that I would like to state here such as our cars, air conditioner, burning our forests illegally and even littering irresponsibly. According to the Nagoya City Science Museum (NCSM) website, the earth has its own clothes to control the air temperature and if the air has more carbon dioxide instead of oxygen then probably global warming can occur.

Although people are still being irresponsible and they keep on harming Mother Nature. There are still several organizations that still giving out helping hands to preserve the eco-system. Popular environmental agencies and organizations such as World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and National Geographic Society give huge impact to our society. Did you know that there are another 23 more environmental agencies and organizations that you might not know? I will share it with you under my reference and you can read about these organizations.

They’re campaigns are very interesting actually. Have you ever participate for Earth Hour where you have to shut off all electronic gadgets or any electrical source at home for about 60 minutes? I have and I have to say seeing everyone joining in the fun and save Mother Nature is a lot of fun. What about you? Did you join? When’s the last time you turn of your hand phone?

The media as well can play their part by sending out a message to the world and since the media is a bigger and much more global, the message and the voices of the people can be heard. Journalists and reporters can take note of the current situation and make use of it to help out those who are in need. According to Ward (2009), he had remarked that in effect, reporters may have been too long in balancing opinions about science when in fact should have been evaluating and reporting the evidence based on the statistic of science. Social media is always there to those who are in need of help in times of troubles.

In conclusion, there will always be a way to stop global warming (not by liking those posts on Facebook). But in order to achieve such a thing the people must make a change by starting with their own self first. Educate the younger generations to be more loving to one self and the environment. I believe the world can be heal and we can make it a better place.

“What have we’ve done to the world
Look what we’ve done
What about all the peace
That you pledge your only son…
What about flowering fields
Is there a time
What about all the dreams
That you said was yours and mine…
Did you ever stop to notice
All the children dead from war
Did you ever stop to notice
This crying Earth this weeping shores” – Earth Song by Michael Jackson

Before I ended this topic, here’s two video for you. Take this moment to think and make a difference. Enjoy.


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What else you want?

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OMG! Is this true?

Well as you can see my fellow readers, what you’re seeing there is actually one of the many techniques as to how the political party play with the media industry for their own personal agenda. Each and every newspaper that you’re reading nowadays is practically being owned by them. The media is one of their many sources of medium to manipulate the readers. There was a time where the press wrote the truth instead of feeding the readers with such propagandas. The articles were more legit and the information was cold hard solid.

However, due to the current issue that we’re focusing we have to understand the fact that back then there were more independent presses instead of the current ones in our era. But before we begin, let me school you a little bit on news values.

What is news value?

According to Evans (1972), news values are basically about necessary information and unusual events and it should be based on observable facts, unbiased account and free from the reporter’s opinion. So do you get the picture? The majority of the printing press nowadays centred on a more insignificant event that is not what people called ‘newsworthy’.

Since we’re living in a techno-wiz era, we have access to read and share every news possible with just the tip of our fingertips. People Google now instead of reading the newspapers, perhaps they rely more on the internet with its fast updates on the news and information’s? Social networking has its own role to play as well; popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter give the user a better edge with its quick updates and also with the help of its trending topics. Notice why our younger generations nowadays do not read newspapers and instead they would prefer going through online to read it? Think about it.

Personally I think that presses nowadays lack the understanding of ‘newsworthy’. Don’t you agree? The news is based on their political party and this is not something worth reading unless you’re into politics. It is quite rare to read an unbiased media, let alone newspapers, television or even radio stations. We are under the illusion that everything we read or heard from the media is the truth. But is it? So when it comes to news value I’d strongly agree that printing press and the media should take a step forward and write something newsworthy instead of feeding and blinding us with all this political agendas.

Here is a video that went viral, but there are speculations stated that the video is hoax. But is it newsworthy? Is it the truth or just another lie? You’ll be the judge. I will post both the original video and another video that talk about the truth behind the video. So which are you going to believe?


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Haha huhu hihi haha and I thought my jokes were bad?

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Blimey! One of Americans hilarious television TV series Kath and Kim were actually originated from Australia. The television series was so successful in Australia till it had caught Ben Silverman attention who many have known him as the producer for the American version of Kath and Kim. Although both of the TV series have the same synopsis, but with the cultural translation that the Australian was showing, Americans do not get or understood the humorous attempt that they were going for, thus comes the re-make of the show for the American audience, how about that?

Before I go a little bit more in depth, let me just summarize a bit on what is Kath and Kim is all about. As noted in the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) website, based on the Australian version it is generally about a mother Kathleen (Jane Turner) and the daughter Kimberly (Gina Riley) and their respective “hunks of spunk” negotiate life in the suburban town in Australia, and as for the American adaptation they were acted by Molly Shannon and Selma Blair as Kath and Kim. But what makes the Australian and the American version different? I have to say that the American sense of humor and the language is a little wee bit different than the original. But the main one is the cultural differences between Australian citizens compared to the people of the United States of America.

I’m not sure if you notice, but in both versions the way they play with the wardrobe is actually defining both cultures. Since we are talking about culture we can actually relate it with how both versions have their own cultural sense of fashion. The Australian version of Kath and Kim is showing how Australian people wore in the suburban area where else the American version is a little too erogenous.  But you know how the Hollywood industry works nowadays, sex sells.

However, with the differences of cultural values and translations in both versions, fans might be lost in translations in understanding the series. We all know that Kath and Kim are all about the gag, humour, the witty characters that were played by the casts and the simplistic story of the series. But with the cultural differences, both countries might get a different impression or understanding with the jokes. Everybody should take notes of this;

“Different countries have different values and humors.”

Some gag or humorous attempt might sound funny, but to some people they might think that you’re provoking or mocking them.

As noted in IMDB, the American version of Kath and Kim has its viewership; the TV series had a lot of negative reviews despite the strong ratings of the show. Perhaps the fans were not satisfied enough with the performance of the casts probably that they do not do any justice with the original TV series.

TV translation is very important, why? Perhaps it could actually be the bridge between other countries. Communication is one of the most powerful tools and who knows; with it cultural assimilation might be achieved through one another.

I would like to share something with you; here is a video that I came across a while back, about a Chinese scientist by the name of Joe Wong trying to crack a joke in front of all the American citizens.

I was not did not disappoint.

You see, even though Joe Wong was talking with his accent, the whole room was so cheerful with laughter just because of his jokes.

Let’s not stop there, here’s another one by Russel Peters.

In conclusion, I think that TV translation is all about the differences of our cultural understanding. It doesn’t matter if you’re from another country, as long as you learn and respect others culture. Then the world can achieve in understanding one another. The knowledge of the world is at the tip of your fingertip, enjoy!

Here is another 9 more TV adaptations that went horribly wrong.


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The age of transnational films: Asian Rules!

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Transnational films, the topic that focuses on the emerging of films, race and cultures from both western and eastern. According to Bergfelder (2005), Hollywood has always been one of the leading markets throughout the global film industry not until just recently the power of Eastern countries arises and slowly making their names in the business.

As we all know back in the year of 2000, ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ is one of the most highly anticipated films in that year and based on the information that was given in (Internet Movie Data Base) the film itself manage to won 4 Oscars and with 92 nominations. The film is directed by the famous Ang Lee and stars by Chow Yun-Fat, Michelle Yeoh, Zhang Ziyi and many more other amazing casts. The fact that Michelle Yeoh, a Malaysian actor that manage to score a role side by side with Chow Yun-Fat is just breathe taking. After the success of the movie, more and more transnational films are at work and this actually gives Hollywood the upper hand and with a more larger scale of the targeted audience. Movies such as Rush Hour, The Hangover, Avatar and The Last Airbender and many more other films are shown that Hollywood is slowly changing their western concept to transnational films.


Jackie Chan in Rush Hour 1

Picture via:

Ever heard of the movie The Conjuring, Insidious and Saw? This horror films were directed by Hollywood famous director, James Wan. Did you know that James Wan is actually a Sarawakian? Yes! As noted in IMDB he is actually born and raised here in Malaysia and he is making his names in the west. So as you can see Malaysia isn’t as weak in movie making.


James Wan at work.

Picture via:

The Walt Disney production has been making tons of cartoons that portray people from the eastern culture. Mulan made a huge impact of success in the Disney movies franchise. According to IMDB, the overview cast for the voice acting are made from a totally different cultural people such as Eddie Murphy, James Hong, June Foray, Pat morita and some of the many famous voice actors and actress as well. So as you can see, the concept of transnationalism is instilled not just inside the movie but also at the works as well. According to a Youtube video, fact shown that this movie took 5 years to finish and if you don’t believe me watch the facts down here.

(The cast of Mulan: Behind the scene)

Transnational films is turning the western film-making into a more globalize franchise and they’re not stopping there just yet! There are quite a number of movies that combines both eastern and western that I would love to talk about but no worries, I wouldn’t want to bore you with the details or else it would take us a lot of our time and spaces.

So here’s a thought, does transnationalism films really works to further out media capitalist? In my personal opinion, it is more of an apple and oranges. The good thing about transnational films is that portrayal of the eastern culture were shown and this is quite good since many people from the west does not know much about us Asian people. The cultural information that was being shown is highly educational. However, there are also more negative stereotype films that were made and this is very misleading of information for us eastern people. A movie that shows Arab Muslims and North Korea as terrorists are the sole reason as to why people afraid of this two nation.

The world is changing from time to time and it is becoming more globalized. Embracing it is crucial.


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